About Justin Time Photography

When it comes to capturing your precious memories, I understand how important it is to look back and reflect on important moments in life. They can make you laugh, cry, and take you back in the moment, even if you forgot. It can give you a greater appreciation in life and allow you to learn and grow as a person. It is my passion to save those moments, so you can look back on them.

When choosing a photographer you want them to have the skill to be able to not only pose and create beautiful imagery, but also have the ability and knowledge to know how to capture quality candid moments in any situation. With over a decade of experience in the wedding industry you learn a lot.

Most photographers can take nice images in optimal conditions and lighting, but a seasoned photographer knows how to create sunning sharp images in any condition. Say of your bridal party walking down the aisle, or running into a dark reception and not having your images be blurred or grainy because your exposure is off. Every wedding I photograph has a high percentage of delivered images that are tact sharp, exposed properly, have an eye pleasing composition and edited with a pleasing balance of color.

With such a saturated market today, anyone with a DSLR can say they are a photographer, but spending 4 years at a University studying film, thousands of hours of research, reading, watching tutorial videos and over a decade of hands on wedding industry experience; it does make a difference. I continually strive to become a better photographer every day of my life, so I can provide people with beautiful images they will cherish for a life time.